Part 4 – Chapter 13, book 1 – Jakes view

Lovers of my book The Carrero Effect book 1 will love this brand new alternate chapter.

This is chapter 13, part 4 (more to follow) re-written from Jake Carrero’s perspective as per requested by you, the lovely fans.

Please note there is swearing and sexual references and this is not suitable for those under 18 years of age.

Read at your own risk!!

The holiday- Part 4 ( Chapter 13, book 1)

The restaurant was nice and private, it had a beach theme and little palm roofs over each table that made it quirky and relaxed. The tables spilling out onto the sand near the shore and strung with fairy lights now it was getting dull. Not that Jake cared, his mind was on one thing only. Jake couldn’t help but keep watching for Emma’s arrival, he’d text them when they were on the way here knowing a phone call would only have his so called mates crooning in the background. He was missing her crazily, it felt like she had been gone for days already and a part of him was nervous that he would hate her new hair.
He swore, not one of them better say anything about the days conversation.
Marissa was making a hell of a play at trying to get him into some eye on eye action, he had no idea what was with this chick. No patience for the way she was trying to catch his attention when they all picked seats so he decided to stay on his feet as far from her as he could manage. Last thing he needed was Emma arriving and seeing Marissa eye humping him when he really wanted to avoid all talk of her. 

Daniel stayed upright too, coming to his side as the twins ordered in the first round of drinks at the bar. Miracle was sitting next to Marissa, avoiding him at all costs and obviously still embarrassed about earlier, it was obvious the two didn’t exactly get on but were making conversation out of boredom. Marissa was still watching him a little too hawkishly. He wished she would just fuck off.
The twins came back with trays and started dispersing glasses and bottles all over the table, Jake was handed a beer, Daniel already unsteady on his feet was a sign that maybe he should stop drinking. Daniel had the same tolerance as him and they had pretty much stayed level in amount drunk all day. If he could see signs of it in Hunter then he was sure he was probably worse than he realized too and drunk Jake would be no good at behaving himself around Emma. She was too much of a lure for wandering eyes, hands and mouths.
Jake pushed Hunter playfully as he swayed closer and banged into him for the third time.
‘Jesus man… Stop trying to cuddle up to me.’ He smirked at him and Daniel just shoved him back.
‘You’re the one whose trying it on with me, all this lack of playtime has you thinking bro sex is acceptable.’ Hunter just smirked right back cheekily at him as the two twins decide to stay standing too, the four of them forming a little group on the side of the table and ostracizing both women.
‘Never, ever would that be acceptable.’ Richard cringed and Jake just shook his head at him.
‘Says the guy who slept naked in a womb with another bloke for nine months and most likely a bed for the the first few more.’ Jake pointed his bottle at him with a cheeky smile. Jake had no problem with gay men, he knew and liked a few of them but his immediate circle of friends right now were obviously not as comfortable with it.
‘Yeah I reckon Vince is the big spoon and Richie here takes it like a trooper…brotherly love and all that.’ Hunter laughed, amused by his own jokes. Jake smiled too, taking a swig of his mellow beer and watching them closely.
‘Shut the fuck up… I am not that way inclined!’ Richie made an effort at putting on a manly pose and grabbed at his package crudely. ‘I’m all horny male for tits and ass.’
‘Notice he said ass…not pussy?’ Daniel frowned Jakes way, they clinked beer bottles across the neck with nods of agreement. Riling your mates was the best amusement a guy could get.
‘Busted little brother, now bend over and take it like a good little bitch!’ Vince tried to push him forward but was only met with a flustered and almost angry Richie slapping him away.
‘Shut up or I’ll tell them about that tramp you let use a strap-on up your ass.’ Richie spat at his brother and then laughed when Vincent turned crimson. Only reinforcing the fact he had in fact done that. Both Jake and Daniel grimaced at the thought and looked at one another as if to say ‘Yeah…just NO.’ As kinky as both of them were when it came to sex even they drew the line on some things. Anal on a guy was one of those things, although he was pretty sure if Emma ever was up for that sort of thing he would do it to her.
Mind out of the gutter Carrero…She’s too pure for that shit.
Jake glanced in the direction of approaching blonde hair for a moment, some inner sense to turn that way then did a double take when he realized that small blonder wavy haired girl was in fact Emma. And she looked fucking amazing.
Holy hell .
Her hair had been cut to above shoulder length, somehow the waves had only gotten wilder and sexier being shorter, blonder highlights which lightened her honey blonde and framed that perfect face in a way that just made every single nerve in his body react impulsively. She was beyond stunning. 

Man he wanted to fuck her right now. Badly.
He quelled the urge to groan, reeling back in the five thousand filthy thoughts running through his head right now and walked towards her, she was locked on him visually, smiling softly and completely inviting. For a second he could have sworn she had missed him too if her expression was anything to go by. Without even thinking, he was drawn straight to touching that hair, pushing back a strand from her face and reveling in how soft it felt between his fingers. How soft she looked, how she smelled. God he had missed her like crazy and right now she was like some perfect vision of angelic beauty captivating him and knocking everything else out of focus around them as she smiled up at him almost adoringly. The urge to kiss her was killing him. He ran his hand through that touchable hair and concentrated on staying in control as much as he could. Realizing just how close to her he had gotten and cooling his heavy breathing so she wouldn’t see how much he was unravelling . He really needed to sober up if he was going to stop himself.
‘I like this. A lot!’ He said softly, his eyes heavy with lust and intoxication and knowing being this drunk this close to her was a bad idea, he was fighting with every piece of his strength to not just lean down the rest of the way and kiss her. Her mouth was just calling to be kissed right now, soft, pouted and free of makeup and achingly inviting. He could almost reach her, taste her and he knew she would taste as good as she smelled.
‘Thank you.’ She smiled, sexy soft-voiced and pulled the hair from his hand, tucking it back with the rest of her short waves shyly. Eyes flooring him in that way she sometimes looked at him that almost convinced him he stood a chance with her. She looked so god damn adorable when she was like this and he had zero control. He leaned down almost losing the battle to stop himself from kissing her and at the last moment caught it and redirected it to her cheek.
Close Carrero….So fucking close.
He needed to have more control than this, he needed to sober up a little if he was going to have to look at her all night in that dress and new very fuckable hair. He had been wrong about her cutting it, as much as he had loved it the way it was this somehow was more her. Made her a hundred times more appealing even though he had never been one for shorter hair. It was softer, sexier yet still angelic and he loved it.
Grasping her hand to ground himself back to reality he looked back at those perfect baby blue eyes which only somehow seemed bigger and softer with all the layers around her face. Jesus his girl was probably the most breathtaking woman he had ever known and it was taking the strength of a hundred men not to lift her up around his waist right now and devour her. It was almost painful to just take her hand when every fibre of his body was aching for more.
‘Come on.’ He entwined her small delicate fingers in his, happier than hell to have her back with him again and led her proudly to the table. She was the most beautiful woman in the bistro and he would be damned sure no one else was going to get a look in at her. He wouldn’t be held liable for having to endure some other guy making a play for her, she would see a violence come out of him that would probably send her running for the hills. Emma followed obediently, tightening her hand in his snugly and making him feel like the only thing that mattered right now was that tiny little set of fingers wrapped in his. She felt like home.
* * *

They sat outside under palm frond umbrellas and the food was pretty good, it helped Jake to sober up enough to not want to haul Emma down the beach and molest her. They had all moved to drinking cocktails thanks to Leila and her crazy huge knowledge on all things cocktail. The girl had once run a little bar somewhere exotic for fun a few years back and seemed to retain the recipe of every drink known to man. She was always handy in teaching Jake new drinks to impress the ladies and right now his knowledge of Emma’s preferences was helping him keep her in steady supply of drinks she was happily downing. He liked seeing her relax this way, sitting beside him and fully leaning back in her chair without any hint of defensiveness.
He was more than aware of the way the three of his so-called friends were honing in on Emma with her new hair, warning glares at them had proven futile and Daniel smirking was a hint that he was heating up to start trying to goad Jake. The guy got a kick out of it. Jake shifted uneasily ready to defend her with his life if that’s what it took, he wouldn’t let any of them make even a tiny hint at trying for her.
‘What motivated this?’ Daniel reached past Jake, scooping a strand of Emma’s hair and Jake batted his hand away aggressively.
‘No touching.’ The scowl was somewhere between funny and serious and very impulsive. Daniel just raised an eyebrow and grinned at him knowingly, Jake wasn’t amused in the slightest at what Hunter was playing at.
‘Sorreeeee Big man. You have to admit though, your girl does look extra hot with this new do.’ He winked at Emma and Jake had to push down the urge to kick him in the face from this angle. If he thought he could flirt with her to get at him then he better back off. Jakes years of mixed martial arts and boxing meant even from a seated position he could take his head off of his shoulders. Best mate or not there was a line Daniel shouldn’t cross, for Jake it would always be her.
‘Ummm, Thanks.’Emma cut in blandly, watching the way Jake frowned at Daniel then punched him lightly in the shoulder. He was trying to curb the aggression but still warn Daniel to back off.
‘She’s not going to sleep with you, so you can cut out the compliments and the flirty crap.’ Jake huffed Hunters way with a scowl.
‘Oh I don’t know. I reckon I could charm Miss Ander…… OWWW.’ Daniel squawked like an injured animal as Jakes shoulder punched him a lot harder. Fist connecting with the bone under the muscle and most definitely warning him off. ‘Calm your pants Jake. God! You’ll be pissing on me next.’ He huffed and swiped his beer from the table.
‘Don’t tempt me.’ Jake wasn’t kidding, he wanted to send a clear message to all three men that YES he had zero humor when it came to her and they all better learn that fast. Daniel and Jake threw angry looks at one another before taking what looked like precision planned swigs of their drinks.
‘Jeeze, testosterone flying much?’ Leila laughed, pulling some of the tension away.
‘Men!’ Emma sighed in exasperation, glancing Jakes way with amusement before joining Leila in an eyebrow raise. Jake felt his jets cooling at just watching her interact with Leila. He wanted her to have a friend in her, she was his best girl mate and they were well suited.
‘Needless to say, I was right!’ Leila grinned at Emma with some underlying message between the two girls and Jake found himself narrowing eyes on them.
What now?
‘About what?’ Marissa cut in with a pinched tone that made both woman look her way with rather pinched expressions. She was sprawled at the table with full cleavage on show , right in Jakes eyeline and making it obvious it was intentional. He swigged on his beer and looked away. Miracle was picking her nails at the right of her in a similar pose, seemingly a new found love of Jake all of a sudden and he felt himself eye roll and looked back to Emma.
‘That Jake would be enamored with her new short do…That she would look sexy as hell!’ Leila’s triumphant tone made Marissa eye roll and Jake had the urge to pour her cocktail over her head. Even for a girl with pretty features, a nice body and generally attractive, he found her repulsive. That black heart and snooty face just killed any looks she once had.
‘Jakes a man! He appreciates it when women try really hard to get a reaction from him.’ Marissa said icily with a flick of her hair, Jake glared at her harshly, not liking her dig at Emma one bit. She glared back challenging him and he had to hold his tongue. 
‘You would know!’ Leila’s scathing comment came with a new tone for her. Disdain. Jake couldn’t agree more though, if anyone needed a crown for trying to get Jakes attention then it was Marissa. Emma didn’t need to try at all. Jake caught sight of the twins moving uneasily in their chairs and both men lift drinks to focus on that instead. Miracle lifted her head in interest, eyes gleaming with the possibility of drama. He sighed knowing the signs of trouble brewing and he wouldn’t let any of them ruin this for her.
‘Emma doesn’t need to vie for my attention. She already has it and her hair is a knockout. Much like her.’ Jake cut in smoothly, his glare fixed on Marissa coldly, that sinister tone in his voice, devoid of emotion yet portraying a lot to the people who knew him and everyone hushed up. He hoped to god his dangerous tone and angry scowl gave everyone the message to back off. He used to be the alpha of this little circle and he sure as hell would be taking that title back if they kept this shit up.
‘Man did it just get cold in here?’ Daniel jumped up from his perch on the edge of the table and slapped Jake on the back. ‘We need a new topic and way more booze man.’ Daniel was towing the line, taking his place in the hierarchy and glances towards the twins saw them shuffling their feet too. 

‘Couldn’t agree more.’ Jake relaxed back, happy with the sudden submissive atmosphere. Marissa and Miracle looking down at their fingernails. Jake feeling better, he leaned in and kissed the oblivious Emma on the cheek impulsively, giving Marissa that back off signal as much as the rest of them. She maybe wasn’t his woman in the normal sense but she was his queen while on this boat and they would damn well treat her that way. 

* * * 

It didn’t take much to get the happy jovial atmosphere back and Jake relaxed into his usual sociable self. Happy that everyone was having a relatively good time and even Marissa seemed to be backing off and occasionally smiling. 
Emma had never seen him surrounded by people he could relax with and even though the group was small he was kicking back as much as she was. He had tried to slow down his alcohol consumption and was not any more drunk than he had been, although Emma was definitely getting tipsy. He had never laughed so much at her in the whole time he had known her. She was cute drunk, funny and less guarded. She giggled like a child and lost all the airs and graces she sometimes hid behind. Jake loved Emma like this. As though it was like getting a glimpse of who she could be if she ever really did feel comfortable enough to fully let her guard down around him and he wished she was like this more of the time. 
She seemed to get on with Leila effortlessly and he was glad that out of all the girls here she had chosen her. They gelled and it was nice to see because he knew Leila was one of the few decent girls who was genuine in this lifestyle. She would stick up for her and defend her with honesty if the catty other two started that shit again. 
Jake hauled her up to dance when the band came out and it was pretty obvious Emma had gone beyond tipsy. He had danced with her a million times at events and never had she been this useless. He couldn’t stop laughing and having to grab onto her to support her every two seconds as she kept falling off her shoes. She was all over the place and even when he pulled her against him suggestively she somehow ended up teetering all over the place unable to stop swaying. The temptation to wrap his arms around her fully and put her on top of his shoes so she could stay at peace was killing him. She was so much sexier like this, fully trusting in him to put hands on her wherever he saw fit but he was trying to be a gentleman. So hard to do when the girl was grabbing his hands and pulling them to her body in a way too sexy dance the drunker she got. Emma was outright flirting with him now she was drunk and he wanted nothing more than to just stop caring and go with it.
‘Your moves are terrible when you’re plastered Shorty.’ He spun her around catching her from the back and pulling her against him. Hips swaying in time and his arms firmly around her, he knew he had to get them off this dance floor before the gentleman in him fucked off completely.
‘Shhhh. I’m doing just fine.’ She slurred playfully. Giggling at him and just making him smile all the more. 

God she was perfect.
‘Sure you are. The second I let go, you’ll face palm the deck. I’m all that’s keeping you upright.’ He joked with her, her hair was just under his chin and smelled like tropical fruit and her and just made him want to taste her all the more.
‘I’m sure I wouldn’t… You’re exaggerating my drunkenness.’ She purred demurely, turning in his arms and giving him a gentle chest shove. ‘Let me go and see.’ She challenged him and that inner boy of his lifted his hands with a shrug and a smile and stepped back to leave her to it and prove a point. She attempted a step away sassily and stumbled over her own heels immediately, Jakes quick reflexes catching her and pulling that delicate curvy body into his with a tug to save her. He had to steel the surge of lust at pulling everyone of them damn curves against him so fully.

‘You were saying?’

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