Part 3 – Chapter 13, book 1 – Jakes view

Lovers of my book The Carrero Effect book 1 will love this brand new alternate chapter.

This is chapter 13, part 3 (more to follow) re-written from Jake Carrero’s perspective as per requested by you, the lovely fans.

Please note there is swearing and sexual references and this is not suitable for those under 18 years of age.

Read at your own risk!!

The holiday- Part 3 ( Chapter 13, book 1)

Back at the boat Jake headed to his room and pulled off his t-shirt, while Emma was on shore he was going to kick back, swim some and spend some time with Danny and the twins getting a beer and catching up. He knew that Marissa and Miracle were late sleepers unlike Emma and Leila and wouldn’t show face for a while this early in the day. He hated lazy women who partied late and then lounged all day with nothing else in their lives. Emma had more get up and go than that, even hungover in the past she still dragged her ass to work and she rarely complained, he could never imagine someone like her ever being happy with the lifestyle Marissa was effortless at. Spoiled rich bitch with nothing to do all day except work on a tan.

He made his way to the deck and found Daniel already on a lounger topless with a beer in hand and the twins splashing around in the ocean trying to drown one another. Jake moved to the next lounger and sat down heavily, Hunter automatically grabbing a beer from the cooler beside him and tossing it to Jake. He opened it and downed half. Drinking in the sun was pretty dumb but he had done it for years and never affected him like it used too.

‘So, the little women off to abuse your accounts?’ Daniel smirked his way and he just nodded his head at him.

‘Probably.’ He shrugged and sat back, easing his body onto the padded bed and lifting his legs, kicking his trainers off the side. Leila would definitely encourage Emma to abuse his credit card and he hoped she would.

‘What’s the deal with you and her? Don’t give me that friends bullshit line again man…. It’s pretty obvious she’s under your skin.’ Daniel lifted his shades and looked at Jake pointedly, scrutinizing his face with that intense Hunter glare.

‘I’ll be fucked if I know. As much as I tell myself I have a handle on this…… I don’t.’ He sighed. He had never lied to Danny, in all the years they had been friends, brutal honesty was always their thing and he knew he could trust him to never breathe a word to anyone else. Hunter was a lot of things but a loyal tried and tested best mate above all. Surprisingly wise when he saw fit and not against love despite his own aversion to it.

‘Being honest here mate…I’ve never seen you this way over any chick, what’s so god damn special about this one?’ Daniel frowned his way, genuine curiosity across his face.
‘Everything…Nothing….Fuck knows. She’s her. I can’t pinpoint it, just from the minute she walked into my office I wasn’t me…No control, zero ability to function properly and the longer I know her the worse it is.’ Jake was stressed talking about this, he had never analyzed it to this extent.
‘There must be something specific?’ Daniel was maneuvering his position to stare at Jake more fully, going in for the shrinks approach.

‘Which specific thing do I pick…How she looks? How she is? How she makes me feel?… She’s Emma, she’s not got anything about her that’s not great. Except maybe the not wanting me part.’ Jake hunched his shoulders and scrubbed a hand down his face.

‘Maybe that’s it…Maybe because she is probably the first woman in the history of Carrero to actually not want to jump your bones?’ Daniel said smugly and Jake considered it for a moment.
‘I genuinely used to tell myself that exact thing.’ He sighed.
‘You’re suffering from some sort of bruised ego man, chick turned you down flat and doesn’t want the great Carrero boner. It’s reverse psychology or some shit. If she was all over you then maybe you wouldn’t be interested.’ Daniel grinned but Jake knew this was wrong, as much as he wanted to tell himself Daniel could have a point, maybe in the beginning but not now. He knew that having her once wouldn’t take away this need. If he was right he would want a one night stand and he didn’t. He wanted something meaningful with her.
‘I wish you were right.’ He grimaced, at least Daniels idea had some sort of resolution. 
‘It’s a crush, something you don’t ever get… You obviously think she’s beyond hot and you’re picky ass self doesn’t normally find that in a girl.’ Daniel shrugged.
‘She’s beautiful. Perfect even.’ Jake shrugged this time, he meant every word.
‘Okay bit strong on that front, she’s cute, I’ll give you that but she’s not really like mind blowing beautiful.’ Daniel waved an airy hand his way and Jake instantly growled back. 

Daniel had to be kidding right now.
‘Are you blind?’ Jake was defensive.
‘Come on? I mean she’s hot I get it ….She’s not Leila hot. Leila is my idea of a beautiful girl.’ Daniel averted his eyes to the rail of the boat, evasive anytime his own emotions came into play.
‘Don’t even go there, you know that subject just pisses me off because you’re an asshole.’ Jake frowned a warning and the hostile change of tone rendered them both silent for a moment. Daniel finally shifted uncomfortably.
‘You know maybe you just need to get laid, this isn’t like you at all….. How long has it been? I’m sure your balls are probably blue by now and it would account for the moody arse nature.’ He laughed and Jake just threw him an amused frown, Daniel was a dick.
‘I lost count, it all became pretty mind numbingly painful after a week and now it seems like years.’ He sighed and drunk more beer, pulling his shades down to cover his eyes when facing the sun this way.

‘Just fuck someone and at least release some tension. Marissa is giving you the all hot and ready signs and as much as I’m against you going down that route again I am not against you abusing her body. It’s still fucking fit…..Miracle wouldn’t say no either and that chick takes it in every way. Her ass is pretty fine too.’ Daniel laughed dirtily and Jake only sighed again. He wasn’t in the mood for picturing sex right now, his body was barely holding on.

‘I think not…On both accounts. I don’t need to complicate this shit more than I am.’ He sat up agitated, a stirring in his groin at the sex talk and for a moment contemplated heading down to Miracles room and seeing what she could do with her mouth. Emma’s mouth came into his minds eye and he slumped back down in irritation.

For the love of god, she was infiltrating every part of his head nowadays.

‘So fuck it, put the moves on her properly. This pussy shit you’re doing is not the Carrero I know and love. You’re wimping out big time over this chick. Just swoop in like you always do and get her naked and screaming in under five minutes.’ Daniel hauled another beer out and threw a second to Jake, he caught it swiftly and propped it against his short covered hip.

‘I can’t…She’s not like that. She doesn’t do one night stands and then what?…. I still have to work with her.’ Jake was starting to feel agitated, that tight ache in his lower stomach growing and he couldn’t decide if it was irritation or something else. Most likely horn, he needed to fuck someone. Daniel was right on that front. He was a hot blooded guy with a high sex drive and he had never put himself into self-inflicted celibacy in his life.

‘The way you’re acting Jake I don’t think one night would be your goal…You’re totally pussy whipped over this chick and you know it. Suck it up and just go all in for her.’ Daniel was smirking his way again and this time he needed a moment to just think. Daniel was right. He wouldn’t be happy with a one time thing with her, he knew the second he had her he would want more. He knew it so painfully that it had stopped him ever trying. She didn’t want this and to be honest having her outright reject him would be agony.

He looked out over the water, the ripples on the surface from the twins and sighed.

‘Unrequited…….. That’s a word I never thought I would ever hear myself using …Especially in terms of it being me on the painful side.’ He smarted and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb, avoiding Daniels eyes.

‘Jesus man, what girl could resist you? You’re a handsome fuck and way too sexy for most women to handle. Have you ever just asked her?’ Daniel sprayed beer his way and he snapped his face back, ready to beat him over the head with something in an instant anger spike.

‘Fuck off wanker.’ He wiped the spray off of his arm and contemplated chucking his unopened can at Hunters face as payback. Ruining that pretty smile would be entertaining.

‘Seriously though?’ Daniel smirked at him, a bit too obnoxiously.

‘No…There’s no point, I know her. She gives me nothing. No signals, no hints, no tiny mannerisms to even suggest she would be interested. Emma is completely immune to me in every way and it fucking sucks.’ He put his can down and crossed his arms over his head to block out the light. He wasn’t enjoying this conversation at all and Daniel seemed to be enjoying it a little too much.

‘Then why the fuck are you celibate? She has no hold over you, she’s not making you wait with any fly teasing or hints of more…..Fuck someone and end this misery.’ Daniel leaned out and pushed him aggressively. He couldn’t explain it, he was already so messed up over this. He just new that it was pointless. If he even got close to a woman that wasn’t her he knew for a fact his dick would cease to cooperate, he had a mental block and until she got out of the way he was stuck this way.

‘If I could I would!’ He snapped back. ‘Look man can we just drop this shit, I’m seriously not in the mood for this and it’s ruining my calm.’ He sulked, childish Carrero on play and he didn’t give a shit right now. Hunter was used to all versions of him.

‘Right…As your best mate , I’m doing you a favour. Stay put.’ He kept his eyes closed and arms over his face and just ignored him. Whatever he was hatching Jake wasn’t interested. He heard Daniel slide up and pace off towards the other end of the deck and sighed. Reaching over to Daniels lounger he picked up the Ipod left there and stuck the headphones in. When Hunter came back he was killing this conversation, it was pointless and going nowhere fast. Rehashing his feelings wasn’t going to make a damn bit of difference. He switched on the playlist and was immediately blasted with Nickel-back, Hunters favourite band right now and went back to covering his face with his arms. He was tired from last nights late one, maybe a nap would put him in a better mood while she was away.

* * *

It felt like seconds later that in his darkness a warm moist sensation ran down his abdomen towards his shorts waist making his muscles tense in a really good way, in his dream like state he pictured Emma running her tongue down his body and smiled. He could picture her doing exactly that as it felt much like he would expect a small warm tongue to feel. Moving south the sensation twirled around his waist band and he squirmed sleepily.

God she was good with her tongue. He could picture her soft blue eyes looking up at him sexily and he was definitely getting hard with it.
His waist band was tugged slightly and he felt himself heating up with the dream, fucking her in his sleep was common but this was a new turn, never had he dreamed about her blowing him off and he sure as hell wasn’t about to stop it. He was aware that his brain was trying to wake him up but he fought it to barely hold onto the pictures in his head. He didn’t care if he had a wet dream lying here , she had given him plenty in the past months and Daniel sure as hell wouldn’t laugh. All guys did it.

That hot warm mouth moved lower, pulling his shorts down enough to get the tip of him free and connected with a suction that almost made him come right then. Suddenly realizing that this was all a little too UnEmma and feeling a little too real had him sitting up with a start and blinking at his surroundings harshly. He looked down at the still warm sensation encircling his dick and scowled at the brunette with her face in his lap, shoving her away hard. He sent Miracle, who was fully naked sliding across the deck aggressively in a unceremonious fashion.


‘What the fuck are you doing?’ He barked at her, pulling himself right and jumping to his feet. He felt dirty like he needed a shower all of a sudden. ‘And put some fucking clothes on.’ He snapped again, lifting the towel from Hunters lounger and throwing it at her, he saw the tears in her eyes. That look of complete shock and humility, not that he could blame her. Old Carrero would have been more than open to this little scenario only a couple of months ago. Hell he would have helped it along and took his shorts off and pulled her onto his lap impatiently.

God damn Daniel!

This was Hunters idea of helping him? Getting his porn star side kick to blow him off while he was asleep and judging by the nakedness she had intended climbing on top when he was turned on. The thought made him feel sick. If he hadn’t woken up he would have fucked her, god if his sleep condition had kicked in he would definitely have done it and not exactly in a good way. Like that he was aggressive and fevered and had been known to screw like a caveman with zero control.

Did she even have a god damn condom with her? Or did she just assume climbing onto him bareback was fucking acceptable because she was a porn star who obviously used birth control?

The thought made his skin crawl, porn stars had never been his type. He liked his women with less air miles so to speak.

He wanted to lash out right now, find Hunter and beat him. He was so unbelievingly pissed off.

The girl just sat cowering at his obvious temper, clutching the towel across her breasts pointlessly, still as much on show at his unexpected reaction, he felt guilty and held out a hand to help her up when she just continued to stare at him.

‘Look, I’m sorry Okay. Just don’t do shit like that. If I wanted to fuck you then you sure as hell would know about it. I don’t. I’m here with Emma.’ She hesitated then let him pull her to her feet, using the towel a little more successfully and sniffing back a tear. Big doe eyes on show and his temper calming, girls were hard to be mad at when they did all that vulnerable shit.

‘Daniel told me to surprise you, said once I started you would blow my mind.’ She bit on her lip and he felt the rest of the anger dissipate at the childish mannerism that Emma had too.

‘Daniels a prick. You can tell him I said so.’ Jake clicked his neck to release the tension and waved her away. Hoping to god she would never try this crap again, he would need to sleep with one eye open or just sleep beside Emma anytime he needed a nap if Hunter was hell bent on curing his celibacy.


‘Go, leave me to cool down and don’t bring this up again okay?’ He would be having some fucking stern words with Hunter, this shit was not on at all. He noticed how the sneaky bastard had never reappeared. With his woman up here he was probably screwing the other slut down below. Not that he cared. Marissa had more men than hot dinners in the last decade and Daniel would use and abuse her in any way he saw fit. The more degraded the better.

‘Pussy.’ Hunters voice carried from behind and he saw him rising up the ladder from the sea, asshole was swimming not screwing. Rare for him. Mind you, despite all his leering at Marissa he knew Daniel hated her with a passion, maybe enough to bypass sex.

‘Fuck off….What the hell was that?’ Jake moved at him angrily, temper reigniting at his presence and Daniel feigned a submissive position. Flapping hands like a woman.

‘Please don’t hit me big boy’ He whimpered in a girly voice and fluttering lashes, kissy lips on top of it all.

Jesus why was this moron his friend?

‘Prick.’ Jake dove in, grappling Hunter around the waist and pulling him into a wrestle hold on the deck floor. Hunter was quick to fight back and soon both of them were knocking lumps out of each other and rolling around like idiots. Jake got Hunter with an elbow to the jaw, a muffled grunt before the twins appeared.

‘Get a room pansies.’ Vince smirked as he stalked by, dodging the leg that came out to kick him.

‘Jealous much?’ Daniel pouted from the head lock Jake had him in before Jake shoved him away and punched him in the shoulder a little forcefully. Asshole needed to learn some manners.

Daniel threw him a glare and tried to flick him in the face, Jake dodged easily with his lightening reflexes and jumped to his feet as Richard climbed the last rung onto the boat too.

‘Lovebirds at it again?’ Richard smirked at his twin and he nodded back. Two of them were like a double act, not a funny one though just a couple of assholes. Jake turned to Hunter with a frown.

‘Don’t ever pull that shit again…. If I wanted a blow job I would go down and demand one.’ He fumed but both twins just broke into huge grins.

‘What have we missed here? Hunter did you finally embrace your Jake love and try to give the man a BJ?’ Vincent burst into hysterical laughter and Daniel only shook his head.

‘Ha funny ha, fuck off….He turned down Miracle….Laugh it up dickheads.’ Daniel stuck his fingers up at the pair lifting a towel from the bed and throwing it at them.

‘Why would he want your cast-offs when he has that tight assed little thing looking all fuck me now wandering around? I would tap that ass over Miracle any day.’ Vincent grinned but Jakes temper flared.

‘Knock it off…Don’t speak about her like that.’ Jake was growling, full on fierce protector and he didn’t want them talking about her like she was some piece of meat. He didn’t want them even breathing her way, let alone thinking of touching her.

‘Ahhhhh…. Jakes in lurve.’ Richie threw a beer towards him and he caught it mid air. A grip that almost caused it to explode on impact.

‘Jakes not fucking impressed with this conversation so can we just drop it.’ He glared at both of them, opening his can and Hunter had the sense to wander off and collapse on a lounger, getting the bed damp with the water still clinging to him.

Jake was not in love…Okay maybe Jake could be in love but he shouldn’t be because this was going nowhere and had heartbreak written all over it.

‘What’s she like in the sack?’ Vincent threw a look his way and he only growled back in response. All tension returned, body prickling and ready to start boxing for real.

‘Leave him alone, Can’t you see he has zero sense of humor when it comes to Emma?’ Daniel cut in and the warning look he was throwing off matched Jakes. He may be a twat and a half but Daniel didn’t like anyone else giving his best mate a hard time. It was his job alone. Jake was relieved to see the twins take the warning, one thing about both of them was they respected Hunters word. Jake wasn’t with the twins often enough anymore to have the same hierarchy with them that Hunter did, he was losing his edge and getting soft according to them nowadays. He should beat the shit out of both of them and show them he was still as much Alpha as Hunter was. Beat them for even daring to mention Emma in a derogatory way.

‘I think everyone should just chill the fuck out and crack open the beer.’ Daniel lifted an eyebrow his way and Jake softened. Drinking was a sure fire way to calm him down right now and he was game. Emma would be hours yet and if he slept before she came back he would be sober enough to withstand her perfection.

* * *

Being sober at some point had been the plan but as the day had worn on the men had just kept on drinking beers, they had swam, headed to that private beach he had taken Emma too and played a little netbal, ran around like kids for a while and they had pretty much eaten non stop most of the afternoon.

He had kept checking his watch , wondering what she was doing and hoping she was having a good time with Leila. Not that he should worry, Leila was a good time girl and sweet enough to make Emma feel right at home. He just wished she was here right now, he missed her.

He was too drunk to drive the speed boat ashore when the day drew on and had the ships crew taxi them instead, Emma had been gone all day and he had quelled the urge to call her and text her a dozen times. The more merry he had gotten the stronger the urge to just have her right here in his arms, beside him with that intoxicating little face and perfect smell.

Smell? Jesus he really was in trouble…. Knowing her smell was pretty much admitting in neon lights to himself that he was in love with her. What guy associated a girl with how she smelled and actually ached for it? Fuck.

He was in so much trouble with her.
Miracle kept her distance on the boat ride but Marissa was borderline humping his leg much to the un-amusement of her date. Vincent was watching her with a face that just yelled ‘Tramp’ at her. Poor guy should have realized this would happen, there was a reason all their trips had a ‘No Marissa’ rule and he had stupidly broken it. She was like a dog on heat whenever she got within a fifty mile radius of Jake, had been for years.

Apart from one drunken fuck up that he had no memory of last month he had never gone down that route and never would again. Even if she hadn’t broken his heart years ago, she was a cold hearted manipulative bitch that he would have seen through eventually. She was the exact opposite of Emma in every way. Not just in looks but in body and soul. Emma was pure and good in every way that Marissa was dark and nasty.

Next installment coming soon.

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