A new project in the works – New book in progress

So, if I didn’t have enough going on already, I just started a new writing project that is being published on my Wattpad account. It’s a little Young Adult fiction piece that just came to me out of the blue and I decided to share it as I write it. So, much like My Cruden series, this one will be a weekly working progress. It’s non-witch-themed for those who are not into supernatural and I hope to keep it on the humorous side.

Amelia is a nineteen-year-old recovering tomboy with a fetish for tripping over her own feet. With the best boy mate you could ever ask for and the face of a twelve-year-old kid, she is destined to always be that misunderstood weirdo standing in the kitchen at parties. That is until Youtube high riser Nate Wilder comes strolling into her local pub. He’s an adrenaline junkie, free running and extreme sports star with a passion for trying to make her join in, all uncoordinated 5 ft 2 of her. All six pack and shiny white smiles, the ultimate ladies man and shockingly he seems to find her as cute as a button. A best friend with a serious Amore for her, a hunky boy with a sexy smile and a horde of meddling weirdo’s she calls her friends. Amelia’s life just got so completely Random!


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