The Carrero Effect – Character profile for Emma Anderson.

So the profiles on my book characters have proven pretty popular in the past and I decided as my  Trilogy book one is free on Wattpad I should introduce characters along the way with more in-depth profiles, better to form them in your head!

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Name : Emma Jocelyn Anderson

Date of birth : April 10th 1990
Height : 5ft 4
Eye colour : Soft blue
Hair :Tawny, naturally wavy
Build : Medium slender with curves.
Occupation : Personal Assistant to CEO of The Carrero Corp
Star sign : Aries
Most noticeable feature: Her figure.

A little about Emma

Emma is an only child to her single mother Jocelyn. Raised in Sunnyside, Chicago. She came from a poor background, with a mother who worked for charities most of her youth leaving her alone to fend for herself more often than not. She has a colourful and tragic past which follows her through life, leaving so many unresolved issues. Determination got her through school with a half decent education , she then moved to New York with her best friend and childhood side-kick, Sarah, to start a new life as a temp in the buildings owned by The Carrero Corp. Determination and attention to detail pushed her up the ranks securing the job of her dreams.


Emma is two people existing in one body, outwardly she’s cold, calm and efficient. She has a handle on everything, unflappable and capable in every way. She demands obedience and excellence and always looks polished.Everyone who meets her thinks she’s cold and distant. Inwardly Emma is a complete contradiction, she is anxious and fearful, relying on plans and schedules and organisation to get her through life. She’s closed off to relationships, burying her head in work and ever fearful of letting anyone scratch too deep and see the secrets she has locked away in her head. Emma is her own worst enemy, unable to face her past and always trying to keep people and emotions out. She is a jumble of thoughts and feelings that leave her a little vulnerable.

Emma’s style

She is the model of executive chic. With a weakness for figure hugging , well-cut tailoring and sexy stilettos. She dresses to impress and likes to appear at all times immaculate. Hair neat, make-up flawless and nails manicured. It’s all part of her armour and she is so entwined with the persona she uses to protect her true self that she even dresses this way when not at work.

Emma’s Likes

Food and drink- She learned to fend for herself from a young age so is an accomplished cook, she also lives with a chef so has a good palette and will eat almost everything. Living the jet set life of Jake Carrero’s PA means she eats a varied diet and cannot be too fussy. She drinks water mainly, occasionally coffee and after becoming Jakes assistant, a lot of wine and alcohol.

Books – She has a secret fetish for light-hearted romance novels. Despite always pushing people , especially men, away, inwardly there is a girl dying to find someone to care about her. 

Self-indulgences – Shoes, and more shoes. She has a severe weakness for high heels and designer names. It’s her biggest indulgence . She likes to have a polished wardrobe, expensive clothes and chic accessories. She has a good wage and she can most definitely afford it.

Colour – She dresses in greys, blacks, navies and neutrals. Avoids colourful and pastels by choice because she is ever fearful of looking young and nieve.

Emma’s dislikes

Men. People prying into her life. Being the centre of attention. Incompetence and being bossed around. She is very fiery and stubborn and being so self-dependent and closed off makes for an interesting girl.

Emma’s Goals

She just wants to succeed in her career and be self-reliant in all things. She has no urge for love, romance or a future with any kind of man. She has pretty much resigned herself to the fact she can never let a male get close. Her job is everything and she has even sacrificed a social life to get where she is.

Read to find out if Jake and Emma ever make it beyond Boss and PA!

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