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We are asking all Bloggers, Bookstagrammers and Twitter, Youtube book gurus if you want to receive promotional emails, chances of tours, and reviews from the Author L.T.Marshall. These will be sporadic and no more than one or two a month maximum. Some months may have no contact at all. If you wish to join the… Continue reading Join our Blogger/Bookstagrammer mailing list!

And The Nasty Continues….

I am sure if you are part of the book community then you will have seen this post doing the rounds and highlighting a message sent to the author Belle Brooks these past few days . If not you can read her post HERE . be sure to leave a comment of support. For those who… Continue reading And The Nasty Continues….

A New Day. A New Venture.

I am hoping the drama of the last couple of days is finally at rest and as a community we can now move on and continue to support one another. In the best way we know how. No one wants to keep rehashing the negativity and drama. To move on from that I am so… Continue reading A New Day. A New Venture.

Bullying in the Book Community!

EDIT - since writing this post I have been removed from two of the groups involved.I was accused of lying and degrading bloggers. Please check my newer post if you believe my blog to be false. Defending my name I am saddened that I feel compelled to write this article but the events of the… Continue reading Bullying in the Book Community!