A Read Along YA Werewolf Romance FREE

What does a romance writer do when in isolation, home schooling kids and overwhelmed with anxiety so she cannot focus on her heavy roller coaster romance POV to accompany her series?

She writes a light YA romance to entertain her followers and hopes no one judges her too heavily on the lack of time it’s taking to write.
I am posting a chapter minimum a day and have just moved the first 6 to Wattpad for all to access.

The story is being written for a phone app but it is not under contract and I am well within my rights to share it with you via other platforms.

I’m not a YA writer, and I have never attempted any kind of werewolf romance. SO this is a challenge to stave off the stress while in isolation.

Enjoy and let me know what you think as it progresses.

Get it here – https://www.wattpad.com/854284839-awakening-alora

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