Knit your own Jake Carrero mini doll

A reminder that you can make your own Jake doll.

thunder music (15)


IMG_0988[1]🤵🏽 You will need ;

Double knit wool in white, black, grey, skin tone, darkest brown and gold yellow.
Black seed beads for eyes , white for his shirt buttons (optional – you can sew eyes with black thread)
Sewing threads to match your seed beads
I use size 2mm knitting needles or ‘toy makers’ needles for a tight stitch. You can use size 12 needles if you have none. It will just make him bigger.

🤵🏽 Abbreviations :  P – Purl. P1 – Purl one. K – Knit. K1 – Knit one. Sts – stitches. KW – knit wise. PW – Purl wise. Inc 1 – Increase 1 stitch. Y.Fwd – Yarn forward around needle. St-st – Stocking Stitch. G-st – Garter stitch. K2 tog – Knit 2 Together. P2 tog – Purl 2 Together. SL1 – slip one stitch. B+T tightly – Break off yarn, leaving a long end and…

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