Life Update and book 9 news.

Where have I been? I keep hearing you say.

Well I am back on track and ready to jump into 2019 with more vavooom.

If you are a part of my fan group you would know I have had a lot of family issues and home troubles for the past few months which held everything in my life up. It infected every avenue of my little family unit and we had many months of intense stress and turmoil. Although things are not fully resolved, we have seen light at the end of the tunnel and we are onto a better path for a brighter future. Things are on the up. And that means my writing mojo hath returned and I am more determined than ever to get back on the horse.

Christmas was very relaxed and toned down and rather than make it about the gifts this year, we made it all about good food, nice company and family time. It was a nice break after a very emotional few months and was the healing balm I think I needed.

So what now?

I have returned to writing book 9, posted a tiny sneak peek in my fan group and currently redoing my work room for a productive year.

I have big plans!!

I am starting to use my YouTube channel for vlogs next week. One a week to see how I go and will be incorporating my life, my writing and much more. I want to let you in on who I am and how I live. That may come in the form of crafts and cooking, or just chat and updates but I am a person of very many interests and creative to boot. So I hope it won’t be boring to watch.

Book 9 will hopefully have a release date in February and the Carrero magazine needs it’s issue 2 January release. All is coming now that things are more settled. I think the biggest thing this New year has taught me, is that forward planning is key and putting things in place for a more streamlined 2019. I have plans in motion and hope you stick along to see it.

On another note. – The Carrero effect, Book 1 is now in the hands of a glorious Italian translator and the book will be translated and better distributed in Italy when it is complete. The deadline is Oct 2019 and after that we shall see how many other languages or what other books follow in the same path.

I need to stop putting my feet up and turn off the TV. It’s time to get some work done x

#ClubCarrero #PictPublishing #Writerslife


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