Epic Reviews from MADEUP Blog

In the past month I have been fortunate enough to meet the host of the blog – ‘MADEUP – MUMS AND DADS: EVER UNITING PARENTS‘.

It was a random meeting in a book group, sparking up a facebook conversation  and resulted in a flow of book reviews that have completely blown me away. I now consider Cassandra one of my Facebook friends and love seeing her grace my inbox with her enthusiastic insight to my own books.

As someone who gets reviewed often and loves to read them all, then it is rare to come across a review which stands out louder than the rest…let alone 5 of them from the same reviewer.

I love her blogging style and the passion and depth in which she dissects a plot line, shows she gives every read her utmost attention. She understands complexity and sees all the hidden tit-bits I leave scattered through out.

I wanted to share the reviews with you as they really are a firm favourite right now. I just love it when a reader really gets the essence of my characters and plots and sees the picture I have painted so vividly.

Nothing means more to me than reader feedback and I hope you enjoy her reviews and follow her for future posts.


Social media links –

MadeUp twitter group

MadeUP FB page 


The Reviews –



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