The Carrero Effect Ebook Giveaway

Giveaway – two ways to enter, or just enter both for a double chance of getting your hands on a free copy.

Rules – 

No matter which one you enter, the competition is simple.

Follow me on the platform you are entering on.

Tag a friend in the comments.

Be 18 or over to enter.

That is pretty much it.


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What’s it about?

Emma Anderson has everything in her life worked out; the perfect job in a Manhattan empire allowing her to live a quiet and safe existence. Until a promotion whisks her up the ladder, working for handsome playboy billionaire, Jake Carrero. Knee deep in insecurities with a dark past, Jake is everything she is not: impulsive, confident, laid back, and fun. Can Jake break through her frosty exterior,and enable her to finally feel the love she’s always craved.
Contains some mature, adult content and language. ‘This is like 50 shades (but less racy) mixed with a bit of You’ve Got Mail type characters and a Two Weeks Notice backdrop. If you like contemporary romance/ chick-lit, give this one a go!’


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