Introducing Kerry Watts, and her book ‘The Devil’s Apprentice’

I want to introduce you to another author friend of mine, and yup, another fellow Scot. I am starting to see a theme with these. Kerry and I actually met via our publisher, as we are both signed to the same one and hit it off pretty quickly. She has an awesome sense of humour and is a lovely lady with amazing talent. please take a moment to read about her and visit her new book.

💗Meet the author

Kerry Watts was born and raised in the East of Scotland where she can still be found scribbling her thoughts and ideas. She started writing over twenty years ago after reading Isla Dewar’s Giving up on ordinary when she thought – “I could do that.” Since then she has devoured several different genres as a reader. To date she has written several crime fiction novels, two wee childrens’ chapter books and a romance novella. When she’s not writing she enjoys spending time with her other passions – Dogs, particularly rescue mutts and Horse racing. She has volunteered for a couple of dog rescue charities over the years and cares passionately about the plight of the thousands of dogs out there searching for a family to love. Dogs can get extremely stressed in kennels and re homing a dog is far more rewarding than buying a pup. Adopt don’t shop.

Watching a Racehorse at full stretch has been known to move her to tears, not just a wee blub either but a full on greet with snot and everything. One day she’s going to buy a Racehorse and call him Dexter King.

Best compliment she has received about her writing was when her son read her book – Chasing Shadows – he said he could really ‘see’ the story through her description, the way he does with RL Stine’s Goosebumps series!

More books by Kerry

💗Kerry’s Book!!!

A series of grisly murders drag DI Grant Noble back to work early from compassionate leave following the death of his wife. The slayings begin a shocking sequence of events that will eventually lead directly to Grant’s door. Can he battle his own demons to protect what’s left of his family?

Kerry will be doing an event if you want to see more of her, or want to help support her.

‘Help me get this cracking crime thriller – The Devil’s Apprentice – out to the world. #AMA to make this happen – Ask Me Anything’

Click here to help.


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