Re writing Book 1 – The Carrero Effect

Thanks to the huge success of my trilogy and lots of great feedback I felt it was time to address some little minor things in book 1. Having improved greatly during the process of the three books I felt book 1 lacked the polish of book 3. So with the help of my Editor Grace we are now bringing the same improved writing to the first part of my story
Don’t worry if you have the E-book of book 1 because Amazon assures me the kindles will update automatically within 7 days of uploading a new version of my manuscript and as we are not changing any of the story at all then you won’t miss much. Just a better read. Anyone who has bought a paperback can email me though if they want to read a PDF of the improved version, you can contact me at 
I just feel it needs honing, the grammar and punctuation improved and better flow.
I want the books to be something I am proud of and now that I have come so much further with my writing skills I just felt I was not completely happy with the manuscript.
With the edits we will also release a limited edition version with new covers alongside the original, some excerpts in the back and possibly a sneak peek of future books.

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