Why you should read The Carrero Trilogy!

Common misunderstandings about The Carrero Trilogy

Clearing up some misconceptions that arise very often and put new readers off. #thecarrerotrilogy These are points which have been made by people who were put off and then decided to give the books a go and found themselves hooked.

My covers may be all fifty shades-esk but the contents could not be more different. Completely different. (The covers make sense when you read the tale- Symbolic)
Trashy? Nope, there is only ONE naughty scene in book 1 in its entirety. If you are looking for hardcore or even soft Erotica then this is not the book for you, it spends more time on building real relationships in the book than it does in the bedroom. Book two has more blush factor but at all times it’s classy and pertains to the story.
Erotica – Again nope, Contemporary romance or Chick lit. This is a story about a woman’s journey and the people that touch her life. It touches on issues such as child abuse, sexual harassment and the way women are generally treated in a man’s world.
Dominant rich moody male – Again nope…Jake Carrero is the epitome of charm and a nice guy hence why my fans are lining up to marry him. Yes, he’s swoon worthy, rich and all the things a male hero fantasy man should be but he’s also old fashioned, good mannered and very gentlemanly. He is a real sweetheart and our readers are simply in love with him.
Weak naive heroin? Again NO, all my female characters are strong real women with their own issues and coping mechanisms. My heroin leads the tale and is very complex. Emma is a quiet, reserved and strong heroine who changes dramatically through the entirety of three books. Her character is just as luring as that of her male counterpart.
Couple-based plot? Not entirely, a good romance spends a lot of time on the main couple but this book has other characters and other issues sidling along the way. With other interest in other characters and possibility of future books.
This book is a real emotional rollercoaster and the most common feedback I get is that it not only draws you into the story but makes you feel every emotion quite dramatically. I am a writer who puts a lot of emotion into her stories, not all plain sailing and not always the happy ever after. I am also someone who likes to surprise and twist until the very end.
I have been told this is a movie in the making and received 5 stars across the board on Amazon from all reviewers. Fans are literally wild with hope that this could one day hit the movies, and have already put together suggestions for a fantasy cast list in the fan group.
This is a story of love, friendship and overcoming obstacles in your life. It’s a true romance story and shows that love really can conquer all, even when it’s imperfect and has been flawed, forgiveness and growth are needed to be everlasting and Emma Andersons story is one that will have you reaching for the tissues one minute and laughing the next.
So why not give it a go…It may surprise you as it has every reader so far.

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