The Cruden Tale – Instalment 4

This is a continuous work in progress, a free blog read along. I decided to create a little series for followers with lots of awesome extras along the way. New instalments posted every Monday! Extras posted sporadically in between!


December 29th 2016
We located the girl who has the abilities of a seer, I was surprised to find she’s the missing child of Eleanor, I had not graced eyes on that baby for some 17 years and had thought she dead. That the Elvish guards would have found her by now and put an end to what they considered an evil union, breaking all the rules of balance. The elves are a narrow-minded breed. Only staying in one realm and barely gracing ours, unless needed. They don’t like crossovers from mortals into their own. I’ve made up my mind that when I leave here, the girl will come too. There is so much she yet has to learn, and with warlock blood, she has potential. Eventually, the elves will find her and she needs to be prepared to defend herself. I truly believe there’s a vast power inside of her that she’s yet to harness.
We’re closer to finding the hunter. We know where he will be this coming week. A charity fight in which he’s headlining. I aim to approach him, I’m undecided on what we shall do when finally faced with him. I have no plan set in stone and hoping I get some sort of answers soon.

Leyanne pushed away the plate of food in irritation and her journal. The house was stifling today, the weather still acting out of sorts and delivering a heat wave on this dreary wood. She was listless, restless. They had nothing to do but wait until this man’s appearance in a  week and she had nowhere else to go. Cora had gone back home, for now, her vampire in tow. Leyanne had not yet decided if she would need the presence of either or both on her return to Scotland but it was still an option.  She was agitated.
They had more questions than they had answers and she wasn’t one for this kind of agonising game. Leyanne liked to know all the answers, have all the pawns positioned and right now it felt like they were simply making up the rules as they went along. Too much waiting. She wasn’t a patient sort of witch. Gut instinct told her that the hunter was her goal, she had no idea as of yet what to do when she finally found him. She needed clarity.
She pulled out a large copper bowl from her trunk, laying it out on a table near the window so it received full rays from the sun. Walking to her cabinet, she extracted a jar of dried  ‘Rosa gallica officinals’, dried rose petals. The oldest known species of rose on the planet and it had a strong connection to the higher powers. Filling the bowl with her supply of moon water, she scattered a few petals on the surface and let them settle. Casting a hand across the surface but not touching, she called out to the higher powers.
‘I need answers, if the God’s be willing? Please, show me a positive YES.’
She watched as the rose petals formed a circle in the centre of the bowl and began to turn slowly. They stayed in the same pattern or motion for a few moments. 
‘Thank you.’ Leyanne looked up and thanked the powers that be.
‘Can you give me a negative NO?’
Immediately the petals turned away from one another, going to the outer edges of the bowl and linger by the sides. When they had stayed that way for moments, she again thanked the powers above her.
‘When I find the hunter, am I to approach him?’ She waved her hand in the air above the water indicating her question was complete. She watched as the petals returned to circle as a Yes.
‘Is it my purpose to destroy him?’ She waited, baited breath. Leyanne wasn’t against the taking of a life if it served the purpose intended for her, but she wasn’t completely heartless and couldn’t deny the flutter in her stomach. The hesitation.
The petals answered with a firm NO and she sighed with relief.
‘Have I to take him with me for safe guarding?’ She cast it out there in the hopes she’d been wrong about her purpose after all. Last thing she needed was a man who looked like him and had his abilities infiltrating her life. She wasn’t a babysitter and besides, they still hadn’t figured out what kind of threat he was.
The petals annoyed her with a solid YES. She cursed under her breath and scowled at the bowl.
‘Enough bloody questions, I think.’ She tipped the bowl,  disturbing the surface so the petals sunk to the bottom and broke the divination.
‘Thank you for your answers.’ She looked up then walked away from the bowl in agitation. She needed to be rational about this. The god’s were right. Killing him was not an option until they knew what he could do. Finding him was a certainty and leaving him afterwards, not very smart. Taking him had to be the only way to watch him, figure out how he was a threat and to do something about it. She knew one thing for certain. She was tired of this endless time away from home. She ached to get back to the castle, back to the soft landscape and gentle rolling hills of home. This time she’d been gone too long and homesickness was over-taking her. Her impatience wasn’t just about the hunter, it was about getting finished here and going back. To her surroundings, her belongings and vast library of grimoires. To her home.
Her mobile rang and vibrated across the antique table where it had been laying. She could see Rinny’s name on screen and answered it with a smile. RInny was part of home.
‘To what do I owe this pleasure? You haven’t gone and shapeshifted into an ugly beast and got stuck that way have you?’ She asked before Rinny had a chance to speak.
‘Ha Ha. Always good for a laugh there Annie! I’m calling to see if you got your  trunk and all your stinky witch books.’
‘Yes, all delivered, nice and cosy. And they’re not stinky witch books. They’re powerful grimoires with more magic in one little word than your entire body. I’d be careful about insulting them, they can hear and they don’t like it.’ She pushed at the threadbare rug with her toes and frowned as the rose petals started to rise in the water before her. She turned away.
‘Aww shoosh. Those books don’t scare me half as much as you do. There’s another reason I’m calling.’ 
‘What pray would that be?’ Leyanne turned back and noted the petals were swirling in a YES motion again. Damn those infernal higher powers, they weren’t done with questions. They obviously had something more to say.
‘We have a draconian needing aid.’ RInny cut into her inner thoughts. Leyanne frowned and shuffled closer to the bowl, taking a deep breath.
‘Oh.’ She sounded only marginally interested. Draconians were off the shape-shifting family, on par with Rinny’s breed, Unicorns and mermaids. they would all transform from human form. This one happened to be a dragon.
‘Young boy, recently had his first full moon awakening……He’s stuck in dragon form.’ Rinny paused, waiting on Leyanne’s reply. She knew the witch could be temperamental when being asked for help. Especially when it concerned a breed she wasn’t too enamoured with.
‘Ahhh.’ Was all she said.
‘So you’re not going to impart any words of wisdom or incantation to help?’ Rinny sounded petulant.
‘Remind me again Rin’s, why you act as mediation between the supernaturals and have this unearthly urge to help. I thought Draconians were on your foe list?’ 
‘Just tell me what to do, he’s a kid and he’s scared. I’ve had to get Moira to chain him in your god damn castle. He was hurting himself.’
Leyanne sighed heavily.
‘He will have to wait till the new full moon, keep him tethered and cared for until then. He’ll need to be taken to the moon pool on the south side of the lake and fully submerged at the apex. Ask Daniel to look for some sort of incantation in the library to unstick the transformation. I’m sure he’ll be overjoyed at seeing you again.’
Rinny didn’t bite, for a long while now Leyanne had sensed something between Rinny, her shape shifting friend from afar and Daniel, her human librarian professor who sometimes abused her vast library. He was a trusted alliance and she had a feeling both parties had a sweet spot for one another. 
Unlike most supernaturals, Leyanne was not of the belief that breeds should stick with their own kind. She fully supported the belief, people should mind their own damn business.
The rose petals swirled impatiently. 
‘Rinny I need to go, have to finish something. Call me in a  few days and I’ll update you on my return date.’
‘Okay, I’ll tell Moira to try that with the Draconian. Thank you, Annie.’
When she slid her phone down, she regarded the petals with a frown and a finger on her mouth. Pensively watching.
‘You have something You want me to ask?’
The petals swirled with a YES.
‘About the Hunter?’
Leyanne shifts with an uneasiness. 
‘In relation to me?’
YES, again the petals, swirled and circled.
‘He has a connection to me?’
The petals spread in a  line across the bowl. Leyanne paused, confused and watched as the petals begin to manoeuvre between each other and spell out the word – LOVE.
Leyanne gasped and smacked the bowl aside, spreading water, petals and rage.


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