Catch up post – Super busy times

Apologies my lovelies, I have been having a hectic time. In the run up to Christmas, I always get super busy as I come from a  big family and I also run a business which peaks at Xmas time when it comes to sales. So here I am with my hat in my hand and grovelling on the knees of forgiveness for my absence. Well, a little over dramatic but hey I am a writer after all.
I have been working on my trilogy – The Carrero Trilogy, I have been in last edits with my editor on Just Rose. I have also been working on some new ideas for life after trilogy books. I am also working on the sequel idea to Just Rose if she proves to be a hit. So yes writing side of things hectic.
Business side, I have been re-opening my Liana Marcel store, adding a couple of little bits and trying to get in the festive mood with some new makes. I have been pretty much neglecting my social media and life lately as I am just so overwhelmed. I have never enjoyed this time of the year despite being a Christmas decoration whore.
Family is annoying as always, dogs as irritating and well I am just as lovable. Pah!

I do have to confess though I have been Netflix gorging on the Vampire Diaries after years of denying myself that joy…. Twilight overkill kind of ruined my love of all things vamp but I am glad to report that it’s slowly oozing its toothy way back in.
Just Rose has been delayed until over Christmas for some minor reasons and will hopefully be launched amidst a blog tour and giveaway. I will keep you updated though!


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