10 things to do when you find you have the house all to yourself and it doesn’t need cleaning.

This post suggestion came to me via facebook from one of my lovely followers and friends. Having decided to do a more fun and personal post every week, I needed inspiration on something to write. So this topic was formed, and well who can resist something so fun when writing. I am not your typical girl, I may be a mother, housewife, business owner and writer but I have about as much maturity as a hormonal teen and like to behave as though I am the peter pan of the adult world. To me, a day off from cleaning usually means a day of uninterrupted writing or swanning around like some undiscovered celebrity. Although with this challenge I am going to discuss ten fun things I love to do when letting off the steam of sitting nose to nose with a PC screen for hours on end, something all writers do. I can imagine doing all ten instead would be the most fun you could ever have while being solo!
 So let us set the scene, your kids are away for the day , most likely with dad or grandma, the house is immaculately clean and shiny, all chores done, laundry done and all meals safely tucked in the fridge for a quick pre-heat later. You have literally nothing to do and no one to disturb you at all, no chance of being caught by nosey neighbours either. Now if you’re a mother you will probably be thinking sleep, wine and a good book. But alas I am just not that sort of person. I am more into expelling my inner ADHD energy… releasing my overbearing child and finding fun ways to get through the day which are completely non-adult. So here goes, my list of ten things to do when you’re home alone and have nothing else to do!

1 . Put on some fluffy slippers and floor skate. This is usually really fun if you blast your favourite songs at full pelt, dress in comfy clothes and start acting like a pro ice skater anywhere that you have a shiny surface. Feel guilty and wanting to dual task? Then add some floor cloths and make out that it’s energetic cleaning. Slide and skate and make those floors smooth. This past time is also really great for burning calories! Work up a sweat and collapse in a giggling heap when your legs ache from exertion.

2. Turn pop star and re-enact your fave singers video! Okay so most of us do some sort of song miming, even if we don’t like to admit it. Well, this one really takes it to the next level. Throw on a feather boa, maybe some heels, blast that video and dance along with hair brush in hand. Singing and dancing are a proven method to fight boredom and blues and the workout you will get will be worth it. Sing your lungs out and live in a short fantasy that you are a diva on stage, let it rip baby.

3. Jump on every bed in the house. I guess you are starting to see a pattern here right? Well, I did mention I had a lot of excessive energy to burn, and what does it more than trampolining the life out of your beds, your kid’s beds….god even the dogs bed. More calorie burning is a plus!!

4. Pig out while watching chick flicks. Usually, I find I waver after so much exertion, so what better way to recover. Make a huge pig of yourself while watching as many chick flicks, slushy crap as you can swallow without anyone being able to complain. This requires lounging clothes, messy hair and the ability to take up your whole couch.

5. Have a bubble bath while drinking booze and reading smut!  I think every woman should do this at least once a week, No one will tell what you get up to under those bubbles and the addition of alcohol may very well kill a little inhibition. Enjoy your peace, indulge in a  little fantasy reading and put a smile on your face for the rest of the day. Relaxed and tipsy and satisfied!

6. Lounge around the house naked.  We all need to try it at least once. There is nothing so enthralling as the wind on your skin while being able to wander around freely. Just make sure you close the curtains first. Try rolling on every furry rug you own and maybe kick back on the couch with a furry throw and watch another chick flick.

7. Have a fashion show with every item of clothing you own.  Just because you can, this is also a great way to have a clear out. Parade up and down the house in various outfits, shoes, makeup, whatever floats your boat. Play some tunes and sashay like Beyonce. It’s fun!

8. Regress to childhood and play with your kid’s toys.  Yeah well, this one had to be included seeing as I am a massive child who likes to play barbies occasionally. The toys could be anything from skipping ropes to footballs, baby dolls to finger painting. Just go with it and release that inner child.

9. Go to bed and take a very long nap.  I guess you are allowed to have that long nap you probably had pegged as number one… after all the stuff we have been doing today I guess you’re allowed. Besides you can sleep naked and no one will bother you at all. Just don’t eat in bed first as it makes for a very uncomfy nap.Plus the empty house means you can sleep in just about anyone’s bed!

10. Mattress surfing down the stairs.  You know that thing you would shout at your kids for! Well, it happens to be a lot of fun and I highly recommend trying it at least once in your life. I find a tray can be a little more dangerous so would opt for a single mattress and a helmet anytime.

I guess thats my list of things to do when home alone, All images courtesy of Google 🙂

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