Ten things you didn’t know about me!

So today’s blog post is going to be a bit of an easy read, a way to get to know me better. As someone who already had a following as an artist and designer, I find it surprising sometimes that people always seem to want to know the more personal side of me, the less public and prepared. So with that in mind I decided to divulge ten little known, or not known at all facts about me that may either make you laugh or run for the hills, confirming, I am an insane weirdo.

Number 1 – I come from a huge family!
Yep, I have an excessive amount of siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, extended family and a family story that makes Eastenders pale in comparison. Last time I checked I was one of 15 brothers and sisters…some half, some step…some reprobates.
Number 2 – I have been engaged for 12 years

I met my fiancee way back almost 13 years ago and although he proposed in a  rather grand fashion less than a year later we never got around to actually tying the knot. An unplanned baby announcement a month later followed by a pretty hectic life kept us from ever actually doing it, maybe one day though.
Number 3 – I am a very unmaternal mother.

 My kids will be the first to tell you that when they were handing out mummy awards I was not even in the running. I learned early on that this mom thing was unbelievably hard and despite my efforts, I am one of those disorganized, grouchy mothers on the planet who longs for her kids to get their own houses one day. I love my kids but I find motherhood at odds with everything I am.
Number 4 – I have the oddest fears.

 Firstly I have a morbid fear of clowns and butterflies and will run away screaming from either even in public. I am terrified of heights, I also believe there to be monsters lurking under my bed and will jump from a  distance in the dark to get on said bed should they catch me. I also fear wet blood, I can only patch up wounds when the blood begins to congeal. I am extremely claustrophobic too, I cannot be restrained or locked in any small space without windows. 
Number 5 – I eat cold food.

Now this may not seem to be an odd one at first glance but it goes like this…. from a very early age I refused to eat hot dinners unless my mom left them to sit and get cold first, I would eat an hour after my family, just so the food was cold. I still to this day eat leftovers stone cold…I’m talking all foods like Curry, Mince and tatties, Lasagna…even chips and pizza. It’s taken a lot of self-conditioning to eat normally when other people do, hot food that is, just to be sociable .
Number 6 – I am a girly tomboy!

 Yes confusing I know… what do I mean? Well, I dress in jeans and trainers most of the time although I trained in beauty and nails…. I played football growing up, climbed trees and worked on cars with my brothers, I’m very much into doing things boys can do yet I have the ability to look like a proper girl and even sometimes behave like one. I spent most of my life having male friends as I could relate to them easier and only a few girly friends despite being a total giggler and having really feminine mannerisms. Go figures.
Number 7 – I am ambitious

 This has to be my biggest asset and yet my biggest flaw too, I am very impulsive and when I make a decision that I want something I will just go for it. I do not care about the right process or qualifications, I have an insane ability to blag things I want. In the past this led to being a singer in two bands, getting offered a job in tv, running my own business and running an animal charity. Its now why I have ended up as a writer! I have this undying need to find a fulfilling role beyond being a mother and wifey and I think I will not rest until I succeed in some way.
Number 8 – I am the family Rottweiler and Clown

 Yup both titles I inherited from my beloved parents… Rottweiler because I am very feisty, fiery and loyal and if anyone messes with the people I love then I am usually the one to jump up to defend them in any way I can. I was a very aggressive teen which got me into a lot of trouble and gained me the eternal tag of ‘family rottweiler’. I am also one of the funnies in my family, always managing to get everyone laughing when we are together, I have no shame. I will dance in public, pull faces at people on buses or adopt fake accents to confuse shop staff when I’m out. I have endless sarcasm and drop jokes like they are going out of fashion. 
Number 9 – I have terrible English skills

 As a writer then this is probably the most surprising confession, my grammar, punctuation and spelling leaves a lot to be desired. The truth is I did well at school with writing, winning both poetry and young writers competitions but failed massively in technicality, this is something with the help of a dear friend that I am slowly learning to rectify.
Number 10 – I am not a touchy feely person

 This one is something most people are surprised by because I seem to be the most happy and sociable person you can meet, I hate people touching me. Even my own family, of course my partner and kids are the exception to the rule most of the time. I have a serious personal space issue, I don’t do hugs and touching.Confined areas such as trains and buses make me very uncomfortable, crowds, concerts etc and when I have to attend social events I literally have to prepare myself before hand. Although I am capable of not freaking out and I can endure when I am given over enthusiastic bodily contact I just happen to prefer when people do not attempt any sort of touching. The contradictory part is that my fiancee of twelve years actually find me to be a very touchy-feely and affectionate person with him, he can hold my hand and cuddle me anytime. I guess that’s love, though…right?
So those were a few alarming facts about me…the romance writer who is actually not very romantic at all…… Did I mention I actually cringe at over romantic gestures and soppy love sonnets. No? Well, I do! So, I find it often hilarious that I then write romance novels effortlessly. 


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