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Destined To Be His Wife

I don't know if you have been keeping tabs on my social media but I am on a genre break, so working on a book I was contracted to write before Awakening took off the ground. This one is now more than halfway through done and features on quite a few reading apps. I will… Continue reading Destined To Be His Wife


Awakening Book 2 on Kindle

Awakening - Following FateAwakening Series Book 2 by L.T.Marshall Available on Amazon Kindle from 20th September 2021. Pre-order your copy now!!! Alora and her mate Colton have just begun to find their feet in lives and positions that have drastically changed. As the vampire attacks loom over them they need to come to some sort… Continue reading Awakening Book 2 on Kindle

Stolen Book – Awakening on BEENOVEL

UPDATE - the book was swiftly removed once my lovely followers started commenting . Thank you all. *STOLEN BOOK* Anyone who has the Beenovel app please feel free to spam my book with comments such as we are now doing. They have stolen it without permission and listed it with a new cover, new name,… Continue reading Stolen Book – Awakening on BEENOVEL