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What’s coming in 2021…

I thought I would touch base with my readers, seeing after the crazy year I have had, it's probably unclear how I intend to continue. Those who have been following my health journey since I contracted Covid in March 2020 will know that I spent the months since having non stop issues with my breathing,… Continue reading What’s coming in 2021…

Remembering my Brother – Oct 16th 2020

I have seriously lost my mojo and I have neither the energy, nor the willpower, to do anything about it. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my brother's death. The 12th one, and much like every October, it makes me feel like doing absolutely nothing for the entire month. The only problem is - it falls… Continue reading Remembering my Brother – Oct 16th 2020

Opening up

After much thought, time to reflect on the dreadful months we have all had, I have taken time to think about the direction of my blog and my YouTube channel. I feel that my lack of dedication to posting blogs and videos comes from the fact I choose to only share a very small portion… Continue reading Opening up